Quality Translations into Native Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and Russian:

Based in Kaunas, Lithuania we offer quality translation, adaptation and interpreting services from over 40 languages into the languages of the Baltic States: Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, and Russian.

We specialize in:

  • Medical documentation, clinical trials and patient consent forms, pharmaceuticals (PILs, SPCs using the latest EMEA templates), pharmacology, biochemistry, veterinary, medical instruments;

  • Corporate documents, business contracts, articles of association and incorporation, registration documents, mergers, acquisitions, mission statements, corporate governance, employee surveys, international business, investor relations, banking, accounting, auditing, taxation, mutual and investment funds, marketing and advertising;

  • EU legislation, regulations, reports, directives, opinions, and assessments;

  • Law and legal documents, "sworn" translations, warrants, indictments, affidavits, declarations, court transcripts, judgments, certificates, patents, etc.

    Contact information:
    AKADEMA Translation Bureau
    Laisves al. 97, Kaunas, Lithuania
    VAT ID: LT 100001009214
    E-mail: info@akadema.lt
    Phone: +37061166254